All Golden Era Group ISO approved companies are fully equipped with state-of-the-art quality control facilities. Each facility conducts a range of tests appropriate to the company.

Folding carton testing

All tests are conducted in a controlled environment, being monitored 24 hours. Our laboratories has the capability to conduct tests in numerous areas including:

Absorption tests

Numerous tests such as the Cobb test are conducted to determine the absorption limit of the board as well as the board reaction to environmental factors such as moisture and vapour.


Various tests such as the Scuff test are conducted to determine the quality of the printing. This includes determining the dryness of the ink, the weight of the varnish, friction tests, coating tests and the acidity of the ink.

Compression tests
Grammage tests are also carried out to conclude the effects of varnish and other substrates on the board.

Plastic testing

All bottles need to be tested with respect to their closures as well as the environment. The compatibility of a bottle to its closure is tested in terms of:

  • The volume a bottle can manage
  • Leakage
  • The strength of the bottle neck and cap
  • Torque of the closures
  • The strength of the bottle


Corrugated case testing

Board manufactured is tested on multiple factors including:

  • Viscosity of the starch used
  • Temperatures of the starch
  • Grammage and calliper of the board
  • Creasing of the board
  • Compression of the board
  • Strength of the board
  • Functionality testing of cases


Self-adhesive Label Testing

Self-adhesive labels are tested on numerous factors including:

  • Adhesive testing
  • Scuffing of inks
  • Ink keying
  • Ink curing tests

All tests conducted are quality control prerequisites of ISO 9000. However, individual tests are also conducted upon customer request, according to their requirements. For example, the citrus and explosive industries require specific types of testing with respect to their packaging.


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