New Era

New Era Packaging has manufacturing plants nationally in Johannesburg, Mogwase, Durban and Cape Town. We manufacture our own board, which is then used to produce corrugated boxes. New Era Packaging has been ISO 9000 certified since 1996, forwarding us to achieve quality not only in the products we produce but also in the processes we conduct.

We regard corrugated cases of great benefit to all industries. We are able to produce B-flute, C-flute and E-flute board; in three ply or five ply; in various sizes.

Retail Packaging

Some products require colourful boxes that have the potential to move the product off the store shelves. At the same time these boxes are required to protect the product. The ideal solution is laminated cartons. These cartons combine lithographic printing qualities with the strength and economy of corrugated boxes. Single faced fluted board is laminated with lithographic print sheets, producing bright and protective packaging ideal for electronic products, foods and beverages.

Alternatively, we are also able to offer customers the flexibility of printing 6 colour corrugate cases with high resolution graphics.

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