At Golden Era Group, we endeavor to be a customer-oriented, market-led company in which customer satisfaction, personnel development and community advancement as well as environment improvement is seen as being inseparable from the aim of creating value for customers.
Since inception, our culture aims at working closely with our customers in team-based relationships, providing opportunities to demonstrate our sensitivity to customer needs; consequently proven to result in creative, practical relationship-based solutions that have maximized the results for our customers.

If anyone epitomizes the truth of the old adage that ‘things in life don’t just happen, they have to be made to happen’, it is Bhoola Chhita. In 1942, through a suggestion from Chotoo Govan (co-founder), Bhoola invested into a company with two flat millinery paper bag-making machines. Later, Magan Rama joined the business becoming the third partner.

In 1955, ‘New Era Paper Bags’ was formed. That same year, with the purchase of its first Heidelberg Platen 12×18 machine, ‘Golden Era Printers’ was formed primarily manufacturing fliers and booklets. Later the focus shifted to folding cartons – which today is our core business.

In 1984, as the Group flourished, ‘New Era Packaging’ was established primarily manufacturing corrugate cases.

In 1985, the Group made a strategic decision to diversify into plastics. Between 1998 and 1994, New Era Plastics was re-structured, forming a partnership with Colgate-Palmolive. The company solely produced injection and blow-moulded bottles for Colgate, converting approximately 200 tonnes every month.

Subsequently, in 1993, ‘Waxpak’ was formed to produce vacuum-formed and thermo-formed containers.

Later, in 1994, ‘New Era Labels’ was established, specializing in self-adhesive labels.

In 2004, the team strategically decided to purchase a paper machine. Ironically, the Group had an opportunity to acquire what was then known as Unicell. Today the company is known as ‘Gayatri Paper Mills’.

In 2011, ‘Gayatri Cans’ was established primarily manufacturing two-piece printed cans. Subsequently, New Era Plastics was shutdown.

With acquisitions such as Mondipak (Alrode and Phoenix), Unicell, Kraftbox (Cape Town) and EH Waltons (Port Elizabeth), the Group has progressed tremendously, becoming the third largest printing and packaging company in Southern Africa after Nampak and Mondipak.

It is over five decades now that the reign has shifted from the founders to the second generation of shareholders. Today, Golden Era Group encompassed Golden Era Printing and Packaging, New Era Packaging, New Era Labels, Waxpak, New Era Paper Bags, Gayatri Paper Mills and Gayatri Cans.

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