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We also offer innovative marketing solutions including:


Point of Purchase displays are a beautiful and striking way of presenting your product in stores.


Our range of products and services make us the ultimate packaging “advice centre”. We are able to manage complete customer packaging processes – ready for store displays.


Lithographic printed laminates combine the strength of corrugated board with the print quality of the lithographic printing process. Equipped with the latest controlled in-line corrugator laminators, we produce B, E and G flute. We are nationally acknowledged as one of the leaders in the lithographic laminate industry.


In simple words, Notestik® is “an idea that can stick”. These sticky pads can be customized to any size and shape.


New Era Packaging has manufacturing plants nationally in Johannesburg, Mogwase, Durban and Cape Town. We manufacture our own board, which is then used to produce corrugated boxes. New Era Packaging has been ISO 9000 accredited since 1996, forwarding us to achieve quality not only in the products we produce but also in the processes we conduct.

We regard corrugated cases of great benefit to all industries. We are able to produce B-flute, C-flute and E-flute board; in three ply or five ply; in various sizes resulting in:

Greater efficiency
Low overall costs
Better planning
Greater and better solutions


Some products require colourful boxes that have the potential to move the product off the store shelves. At the same time these boxes are required to protect the product. The ideal solution is laminated cartons. These cartons combine lithographic printing qualities with the strength and economy of corrugated boxes. Single faced fluted board is laminated with lithographic print sheets, producing bright and protective packaging ideal for electronic products, foods and beverages.
Alternatively, we are also able to offer customers the flexibility of printing 6 colour corrugate cases with high resolution graphics.


New Era Labels manufactures self-adhesive labels as well as shrink sleeve labels, and has been ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 accredited since 1996.

We believe that the art of optimal packaging is to achieve a symbiosis of quality and emotion. We support the attractiveness of a product and convey values that are transferred to the product itself by offering customers a choice of flexographic printing, silkscreen, letterpress and offset printing.

New Era Labels impress through their brilliant display quality, bright rich colours and photographic reproduction of ultra-fine details that is ideal for the wine, detergent, health and beauty markets.


Gayatri Paper Mills was established in 1994 primarily to vertically integrate with the group in order to become self-sufficient. All paper waste produced within the group is converted into pulp and kraft paper which is in turn used at New Era Packaging and converted into board.


Waxpak is BRC IOP certified. We offer customers a choice from 3 product ranges.

Disposable plastic products
Products manufactured in this range include cups, plates and tubs. We can manufacture these products in a range of colours including natural white, white, clear and blue. Because we understand the need for ‘ideal packaging’ custom moulded items can also be manufactured. These products are largely popular amongst the cosmetic and perishable goods (fruit and vegetable) industries.
Paper Plates
Paper plates are effective and efficient in use for large occasions and those people who are constantly on the move. These plates can be customised according to specifics.
Crimp Cups
Crimp cups are a form baking liners. They are ideal for baking, proving to enhance the shape of cakes baked. Offered in a range of sizes, crimp cups are available in milky white and choc-glassine colour papers.

We are aware of the importance in producing food and drug related products. Thus we can ensure FDA approved grades as well as PIRA approved standards on all raw materials used.
Visual Packaging
We offer customers a spectrum of vacuum-formed substrates including:
• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
• Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
• High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
• Polypropylene (PP)


Metal food cans originated more than 200 years ago and to date still remains one of the most economical, environmentally friendly and safest packaging forms.
We at Gayatri Cans pride ourselves, offering customers 6 colour printed cans with various easy-to-use open options. According to the Can Manufacturers Institute, cans have a recycling rate that is two and a half times higher than most other packaging options.


Needs have changed over the years and today paper bags have become one of the bigger forms of promotion: a working advertisement. New Era Paper Bags has been producing paper bags since its inception, 56 years ago.

New Era Paper Bags provides customised bags with a full spectrum of finishing options.


An effective way of leaving a lasting impression – this tool has not only been used for the notice board or as a reminder, but also as a promotional tool.
Adding innovation with creativity, this promotional tool is an economical and eye-catching remembrance.


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